End of seasonal clock changes in the EU


Tired of changing between summer- and winter time twice a year? If you live in the EU, you may not need to, after March 2019.

President Jean-Claude Juncker of the European Commission confirmed in his State of the Union speech yesterday that the EU intends to put an end to the switching back and forth between summer- and winter time.

"Clock-changing must stop. Member States should themselves decide whether their citizens live in summer- or wintertime", Juncker said.

In a consultation which ran between 4 July and 16 August 2018, 84% of the respondents were in favour of abolishing seasonal clock changes. 4.6 million EU citizens voted in the consultation, the highest number of responses ever in any European Commission public consultation.

"The European Commission is proposing to end seasonal clock changes in Europe in 2019, giving Member States the freedom to decide once and for all whether they want to permanently apply summer- or wintertime.", the European Commission writes in a press release.

Source: State of the Union 2018 subpage on Seasonal Clock Changes.

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