Smartphones and computers will show the wrong time in Palestine for eight days


A decree made by the Palestinian cabinet scheduling the end of daylight saving time to 01:00 on 29 October 2016 EEST has gone undetected by the IANA time zone database project, which assumed a transition time of 00:00 21 October 2016 EEST.

The new transition time was decided in March 2016, but with no English translation and no notification to the maintainers of the time zone database, the time zone database has not been updated with the new transition time. Consequently billions of computers, smartphones and other devices that rely on the IANA time zone database for time zone rules, will have the wrong time for Palestine between 00:00 21 October 2016 and 01:00 29 October 2016 EEST.

If your device is set to the Palestinian time zone, you can make it show the correct time by changing the time zone to Asia/Istanbul until the actual transition time on 29 October.

For the correct time in Palestine, see time.is/Palestine.

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