Morocco will return to UTC +1 earlier than expected


The government of Morocco decided this week that Morocco will return to UTC +1 on 23 April, 2023, one week earlier than previously presumed.

Morocco and Western Sahara observe permanent daylight saving time (WAT / UTC +1), except during Ramadan, when GMT is observed.

Morocco changed to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) at 03:00 on 19 March, 2023 and will change back to West Africa Time (WAT / UTC +1) at 02:00 on 23 April, 2023.

Western Sahara keeps the same time as Morocco.

Time now in Morocco: https://time.is/Morocco
Time now in Western Sahara: https://time.is/Western_Sahara
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) now: https://time.is/GMT
West Africa Time (WAT) now: https://time.is/WAT

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