Time zone change in Greenland


Most of Greenland will change time zone to UTC -2 on 25 March 2023.

Clocks in Greenland will as usual skip one hour forward on the last Sunday of March, but this year the change will be a change of time zone, rather than the start of daylight saving time. This means that UTC -2 becomes the new standard time in Greenland, while daylight saving time will be UTC -1.

Greenland time will stay on the new standard time UTC -2 for the rest of 2023, and change to UTC -1 when daylight saving time starts in Europe on the last Sunday of March in 2024.

Ittoqqortoormiit and the Thule Air Base will continue to observe DST in the summer. The research station in Danmarkshavn observes GMT.

Ittoqqortoormiit will decide about changing time zone later this year.

Greenland has 4 time zones. Most of Greenland follows the same daylight saving time schedule as Denmark.

Time now in Greenland's capital, Nuuk: https://time.is/Nuuk
Time now in Danmarkshavn: https://time.is/Danmarkshavn
Time now in Ittoqqortoormiit: https://time.is/Ittoqqortoormiit
Time now in Thule Air Base: https://time.is/Thule_Air_Base

This article has been updated to clarify that what seemed like a cancellation of daylight saving time, is actually a time zone change, and that daylight saving time has been cancelled in Greenland only for 2023. Several news sources (including Bloomberg, AP News and IFLscience) have reported that Greenland will no longer have daylight saving time, but this is wrong.

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